Antique European Child's Armoire - $600
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Item # 013

This Child's Armoire is estimated a relic of the 40s, produced by the southern England company R. H. Tucker Ltd, House Furnishers. The exterior has been coated with a resilient, tasteful enamel, details enhanced, and polished with wax; the interior wood cleaned and conditioned. Most of the original hardware is in place, including a lock and mechanisms. The original bakelite handles have been removed due to irreparable aesthetic damages, but have been kept in the interest of preserving them if you please. We are still searching for the perfect replacement.

This piece would obviously serve well as additional wardrobe space for a child, perhaps a coat closet. It could also serve to tastefully house electronics, office supplies, housewares, or your camera collection.

30" wide
18" deep
49" tall
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